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Vaping is one of the most common activities done daily in public today. For some, it is a way to escape from daily pressure. For others, it is an act done to relieve stress and it also brings people together. Regardless, it can be considered as a recreational thing that is rising and becoming a culture itself.

What Vaping Really Is

As we learned from Eurovap in St-eustache, vaping is basically the act of puffing out clouds through the use of e-cigarettes. It is stress-relieving and it is a hobby being shared by a lot of people, especially millennials.

Vapes come in different styles and models. It is a rechargeable device and it is used with liquid aerosol which is also known as e-liquid or ‘vape juice’. There are different flavors and scents to choose from.

The vape will heat the liquid which the user will inhale to let out the smoke. You may notice that the vapor emitted through e-cigarettes is bigger and fuller than the smoke that is produced by conventional cigarettes or other tobacco products.

Doing vape tricks is also one thing that brings the vape community together. There are even vape competitions being held all across the globe. It is becoming way more than just a personal thing.

Vaping as a lifestyle

Vaping is first introduced as a healthier alternative to smoking. It is safer both for the user and the environment. And, the very reason why vaping has easily entered the market is because of the smoking quitters that made the switch.

Aside from its stress-relieving effects, vaping has evolved into a means of bringing communities together by exhibiting cloud-bending skills and advocating the quit smoking niche. Vapes have even become fashion staples. Carrying vapes in public can make one look classy and trendy.

It is the modern take on the classic way of bringing cigarette cases on occasion. Showing off one’s vaping device in public can be a good conversation starter.

Vaping Vs. Smoking

When compared to smoking, vaping is safer and it leaves a very minimal trace on the environment. It is safe to be done both indoors and outdoors. There is no major risk to the health of the people that inhale the vapor since there is no second-hand smoke.

The liquid droplets used in vaping to produce smoke are non-harmful either and it easily evaporates within just seconds of being exhaled. This is way faster than the 30-45 minutes needed for the smoke emitted through conventional smoking to totally vanish.

Although there are states and countries that have laws and regulations against the usage of vaping, it is generally more accepted and has way lesser legal reasons to be banned than cigarettes. The push to make vaping completely legal is continually happening and is being advocated by vaper communities across countries.

As a continually rising phenomenon, the vape culture proves to be a socially accepted trend. It has crossed the bounds of fashion and business. It is a lifestyle acquired by quitters of smoking. It is a demand that won’t die out anytime soon.

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