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The use of CBD is becoming more popular as time goes by. Some studies believe that it has lots of health benefits. That is probably why some documentaries, films, and TV shows feature CBD in Canada.

Here are some of the best CBD-related documentaries, films, and TV shows:

1. CBD Nation

CBD Nation is a fantastic film about people who use medicinal cannabis to treat various illnesses. It is perhaps the most well-known CBD film on the market.

It contributes to a greater understanding of the potential of this extraordinary plant and calls for further study and a relaxing of marijuana regulations.

2. Weed the People

Weed The People, which premiered on Netflix in 2018, tugs at the emotional core as it tells the tales of parents who have to use marijuana to support their sick children. Abby Epstein is the director of Weed the People.

This documentary is similar to CBD Country, lasting 1 hour and 37 minutes, and covers everything from the high prices of treatment to the legal issues. This documentary also features a series of conversations with doctors who advocate using marijuana as a treatment option.

3. Cooked with Cannabis

It is a series where chefs compete to produce the tastiest CBD and THC-infused recipes. Every episode includes special guests, such as a variety of well-known stars.

It’s fascinating to know about the various methods for making edibles, mainly because each chef creates cannabis-infused foods in their kitchens.

4. Grass is Greener

Damian Marley, B-Real, Killer Mike, Snoop Dogg, and a slew of other celebrities appear in this 2019 documentary. The guest stars debate how cannabis has been weaponized and what steps can be taken to correct the situation.

They address inequality and current racial anti-drug laws, which aren’t typically discussed on a Netflix broadcast. The film is intriguing, and it features some marijuana-loving celebrities, but it lacks CBD Nation’s emotional impact.

5. Murder Mountain

Murder Mountain is somewhat distinct from the others in this list because it encompasses the region where workers disappeared while operating at the Humboldt cannabis farm daily. This is part of a series that takes you via some fascinating stories, along with some grim ends.

6. The Legend of 420

The government has repeatedly but unsuccessfully tried to combat the marijuana industry. This is documented in The Legend of 420, which takes viewers through the background of the weed and how it’s been viewed in the United States.

Each year in April, the day is commemorated as 420, which has become synonymous with marijuana. While the producer, Peter Spirer, attempts to present a nuanced perspective, the film explicitly shows why cannabis must be decriminalized.

According to several studies, using cannabis has many benefits, including in medicine. As a result, certain television shows, documentaries, and films promote CBD’s usefulness and benefits. So, if you want to learn more helpful information about CBD, consider watching the following programs mentioned above.

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