Best Movies and TV Shows on Netflix Canada this December

Monthly, Netflix Canada releases fresh and new movies and TV shows to its collection. This December, we are excited to share with you our picks for the best movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix Canada. Spend your holidays binge-watching these shows with your loved ones!
Looking for a guaranteed blockbuster movie to enjoy in the comfort of your home? Netflix Canada has announced the streaming of 6 Underground on December 13! This movie is starred by Ryan Reynolds who is the leader of a squad wanting to stay off the grid by faking their own deaths. Such fake deaths free the squad from the hands of the law thereby giving them …

The Irishman: An Epic American Crime Story

The Irishman, a crime thriller film directed by Martin Scorsese, is streaming on Netflix on November 27. Martin Scorsese is an Italian American filmmaker and historian whose Hollywood career spans almost 50 years already.
It is an epic film adapted from a book written by Charles Brandt, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Stephen Graham, Anna Paquin, and Joe Pesci. The screenplay was written by Steven Zaillian.
The movie is a complete package story of larceny, murder, and betrayal dating all the way back from the second World War. As expected, there is a lot of glorious bloodshed in this movie, as expected from almost all of Scorsese…

Knives Out: A Star-Studded Murder Mystery

Opening on Wednesday, November 27, Knives Out is a star-studded mystery thriller film directed by Rian Johnson. Playing for more than 2 hours, anyone who watches this shall surely have their eyes glued to the screen for every detail in the story.
Filled with overlapping murder mysteries, Knives Out insanely deconstructs the plot as the dozen of its star-studded characters play their roles in the story. The plot starts with Harlan Thrombey, played by actor Christopher Plummer, found dead by suicide. Keen-eyed detectives played by actors Noah Segan, LaKeith Stanfield and Daniel Craig make sure that the apparent suicide is really what …