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If you are subscribed to the British streaming service called BritBox, then you are in for a good weekend time! In this article, we gathered fresh information about the best mystery series that you can stream in this platform! Get your popcorn and pillows ready for these nerve-wracking mystery films that will surely mystify and blow your minds.

Released in 2019, The Bay is a mystery series delving in crime section that has 6 episodes already for its 1st season. The story revolves around an investigator solving the case of missing twins. Adding excitement to the plot is the unfolding of each character’s secret motives, as well as the protagonist’s complicated conflict within himself.

Justice and crime stories are really a hook when it comes to mystery series. The Jury, which is quite an old series in 2002 already has 2 seasons with an average of 5 episodes. The story spins about the lives of 7 jurors as they play out justice for a case of a Sikh boy who murdered his white classmate. The tension will surely captivate you to the screen as The Jury shall portray both religious and racial conflicts.

Have your curiosity spark with the mind-blowing plot of 35 Days that was produced in 2014. With 3 seasons already, each season starts with a specific and unique crime that rewinds back to 35 days before the crime was committed. The story unfolds as everyone in the quiet neighborhood becomes a suspect. Ready yourself for an intense crime drama with 35 Days.

Case murders that remain unsolved for 15 years already are the main story of From Darkness of 2015. The old murder case is linked with new development as 2 bodies surfaced. The epic plot unfolds as the detective resists an emotional tension within her: Will she find the serial killer?

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