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Season 6 of the original Netflix series Bojack Horseman is now streaming 8 episodes. This season he is no longer your standard interior designer expert.

While there are rumors that this will be the final installment already, it looks like this sixth season will top all other seasons before. Arriving in two parts, this season directed by Raphael Bob-Waksberg is aimed to be the most absurd season ever. It is expected that the antihero in the animated series, BoJack will finally reckon with his self-destructiveness. This realization will come in full circle as BoJack finally understands that his good intentions will always be without meaning if not acted upon.

If this does not make sense to you, we suggest that you binge-watch all five seasons of BoJack Horseman. Only then will you understand about BoJack, an old Hollywood star who used to distract himself from the abyss by alcohol, drugs and sex. The unique storytelling point is that BoJack is also an anthropomorphic horse.

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