The Branding of Television Manufacturers

BrandingTelevision manufacturers are plentiful and the competition is stiff. A good branding campaign can make all the difference in sales. We are going to look at the top companies who have created a brand identity for themselves.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is a South Korean company who specializes in consumer electronics and many other products and services. With revenue crossing $268 billion, they are leaders in screen technology. Let’s look at this laterally – consider Apple computers and devices. The Mac monitors are produced and supplied by Samsung. Those glossy screens are thanks to this company whose assets are above $470 billion! [Read more...]

Download TV Shows

If you have missed an episode of your favourite TV show, you can easily download that episode. There are endless options on the Internet that allow you to download it for a minimal cost. Missing an episode of “C.S.I. Las Vegas“ will not make you feel left out in the office because you can download it and join the conversation at work the following day.

What is tricky at times is when you decide to download TV shows for free. There are several sites on the internet that advertise that downloading movies from them is free, but then charge fees so that you can make use of their services. You have two options of downloading a TV show for free. You can do it using iTunes or you can do it through a show’s website. Free episodes are offered by both along with the new TV shows trailer. [Read more...]

Interesting Baptism Commerical

Title: Family Tradition Starts Here

Company Website:

Duration: 45 seconds

Year: 2014


There are a several factors that play into strong advertising. Often, especially in a very short TV spot, the simplicity of a commercial is actually a strength rather than a weaknesses.

This commercial opens with the camera panning across a crowded church, showing rows of smiling faces in the pews. Young and old, the group spans generations. Elderly couples, middle-aged parents and their young children (the short scene doesn’t give any information about the relationships between individuals, but the viewer can easily imagine they are seeing a large family—grand-parents, their adults sons and daughters, grand-children, etc.) The angle cuts for a moment, giving us a close-up view of one older man, showing tears glistening in his eyes.

Next, we see an attractive, well-dressed couple probably in their late twenties, the man dressed in a gray tailored suit, the woman wearing a beautiful red dress. Seeing them standing at the front of the church beside a priest, we can almost assume we are seeing a wedding, but then the couple separates a little, looking down and smiling, and we see a child in the woman’s arms. The angle cuts to a close up of the child’s smiling face; a curly-haired little blonde cupid, with striking dark eyes and an endearing smile. (The baby is young enough that it is hard to tell gender.) The child’s gorgeous christening gown is in the shot, but it’s not overly emphasized. We see the silky white fabric, the lace around the neck and cuffs. But like all effective advertising, the commercial is not about the product. The company is essentially selling a story. The commercial is made up of highly emotional, high-imagery snippets; the product is inserted in the midst of the imagery and the emotion in a way that isn’t distracting, but is still pivotal to the story. A commercial’s job is usually to create a connection in our minds between a desirable event or an attractive life, and the company’s product. This commercial is doing that very well.

For a few moments, we see the baptism continuing, the priest smiling down at the beautiful child, touching his or her forehead with his hand. The ceremony is nearly over, and the choir begins to sing (at this point, the commercial begins to seem staged. It loses some of its realism in favor of making a highly impactful ending.) The choir’s collective voice swells, and the crowded church fills with etherial music. The people in the pews begin to stand, slowly at first, one by one, and join in the hymn. Soon, everyone is standing and joining in song, and the camera cuts back to the couple at the front of the church. Their are tears of joy streaming down their faces, the child still cradled in the woman’s arms. The angle tightens, zooming in on the baby, giving one last view of the beautiful baptism dress he or she is wearing. The company’s name, Boutique Baptism, appears on the screen and we cut to black. Very moving!

Rating and Description for Good Knight Ad

Great advertisements are the ones which create a lasting impression in the viewers mind. This could be because of its unique characters, innovative storyline or even just the sex factor. The point is that it has to make a mark on the viewer. One such ad that has impressed with its comical cast and creative plot is the ‘Even a single mosquito can be dangerous’ ad by anti-mosquito products maker Good Knight. It was first aired on 16/02/2009 and has gone on to become very popular since then. The duration of the ad is about 60 seconds. Here’s the company’s website:

Anyway, here is a more in depth analysis of the advertisement.

A Quick Description

The ad begins with two people playing cards. One of them is a midget and the other is a knife thrower, so we can assume that they are circus workers. After receiving a nod of assent from the knife thrower, the midget runs across the room in a comical manner and brings back a box containing throwing knives (by the way, I just started learning knife throwing recently which is another reason why I write a review about this ad). After this he blindfolds his master (the knife thrower). So they are actually re-enacting a circus trick where the midget stands at a distance and claps his hands in the air. The blindfolded master has to throw the knife at the source of the sound. Of course the fact that the clap takes place just a few centimetres away from the body of the midget brings in the risk factor. The facial expressions and mannerisms of the midget are really hilarious and will immediately strike a chord with the audience.

So the happy midget goes around performing his part all over the room. He moves to different locations and claps both hands to his side, on top of his band etc. The master unleashes the throwing knife with perfect accuracy and it always finds the target. He also narrowly misses the midget on each occasion, much to his delight. After a few rounds of this, the midget is ready to clap again when a mosquito starts hovering near his face. Out of instinct he slaps his face to kill the mosquito and of course the moment his master hears the sound, it is mistaken for a clap. Again, he releases the knife with astonishing precision, and we can guess the rest of the story.

Then comes the caption ‘Even one mosquito can be dangerous’ and is a fitting finale to a brilliant ad. It is bringing out the message that mosquito disease can be as dangerous as putting a knife in someone’s face. And this is why you should get a mosquito spray.

Why this ad became so popular?

The most endearing part of this ad is the comical way in which the entire sequence of events is shown. The storyline is very innovative and the viewer is kept in suspense till the last minute. The acting by the person playing the midget is also carried out perfectly and adds a great deal to the charisma of the advertisement. The music is also a perfect addition and brings out a comic flavour.

Rating for this ad

We would definitely rate this advertisement a good 4.8/5. It has all the best features of a great ad: humour, wit and memorable characters.

Gateway to Successful Forex Trading

Gateway to Successful Forex Trading

Title of Commercial: Gateway to Successful Forex Trading

Company Website:

Duration: 77 seconds

Year: 2014


This very informative infomercial draws investors’ attention to the very lucrative opportunities that exist in forex trading, provided that one does their homework and avoids the numerous potential pitfalls that exist – particularly when it comes choosing Forex Brokers. The infomercial describes the various services and information available at to help traders avoid some of these pitfalls and make informed decisions when it comes to selecting a forex broker to trade with.
The infomercial begins by giving a brief rundown of exactly what forex (foreign exchange) trading is and runs over a few statistics, such as the staggering size of this market and how its daily turnover of more than $3 Trillion makes it an extremely liquid market which presents many opportunities for an astute trader/investor to make a very high profit or return on investment.

Next, the infomercial runs over the role of forex brokers in being the intermediary between the trader and the liquidity providers (such as banks, other institutional traders or even other retail traders) and lists the various models or forms that these forex brokers can take in terms of how they route and deal with the traders orders – such as Market Makers, Electronic Communication Network (ECN) or Straight Through Processing (STP) – and how these different models of brokers can have a profound influence on a traders success or, sadly, failure as is more often than not the case.
The infomercial goes on to list the array of tools and information available at which traders can use to aid them in wading through the many categories and trading options available from broker to broker – which can be either beneficial or disadvantageous to traders, depending on their trading styles, strategies and objectives. ForexChurch, the infomercial points out, not only has the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of forex broker profiles, but also offers the most advanced search and filtering capabilities to streamline a traders search and find only the most relevant and suitable brokers.

Some of the other tools that the infomercial mentions are:
- Live forex spreads comparison, where a trader can compare the spreads offered by various forex brokers, in real-time, across numerous currency pairs.

- Forex volume comparison, where a trader can compare the volumes of trades made by various forex brokers, across numerous currency pairs and is updated every minute.

- Forex Swap comparison, for comparing the daily long and short swap rates offered by various forex brokers.

- Stock market hours and holidays, which includes live countdowns to the opening and closing of most of the world’s stock markets and also includes holiday calendars for each one.

I found this infomercial to be extremely informative and was frankly amazed at how much useful information they managed to squeeze into it! Being an active forex trader myself and having experienced some of the pitfalls associated with choosing the wrong forex broker for my particular style of trading, I immediately visited their website and it has since become an indispensible tool which I find myself using on a regular basis.

Plexus – Is it the most natural weight loss supplement?

Company Website –

Duration – 30 minutes

Year – 2014

The commercial for Plexus seemed to be the typical weight loss infomercial. Where most of the focus was put on the different results people were getting from using the product. One interesting point that seemed to set this commercial apart from other similar companies is the way this Plexus markets their products.

The company is an MLM which is a tiered system which focuses on network marketing. The product is sold through distributors who sell the product in person to people they know. While there wasn’t a whole of time dedicated to this fact, it’s obvious that this is the cornerstone of the company.

Much of the time dedicated to promoting the plexus opportunity was in terms of social media and how it is the wave of the future for network marketing. The people who have seemed to have the most success have done so with tools such as Facebook or Pinterest.

This would resonate with the normal viewer because everyone is on social media now. One of the best lines in the commercial was, “If you’re going to be on Facebook all day anyways, you might as well make some money.” Which definitely seemed to be backed up by some of the testimonials.

The company made it known that natural supplements are the new big thing in the weight loss industry. Plexus is a company that seems to fit into this category quite well. All of the products are based around ingredients that are mostly natural. This is very appealing to someone who is careful about exactly what they ingest into their bodies.

The flagship product of the company is the supplement called Plexus Slim. The company claimed in the commercial that Plexus Slim can assist in regulating blood sugars, which makes it a good solution for someone who might be looking to get off of their insulin.

One of the biggest struggles that ambassadors for the product run into when promoting the product is the cost of the product. Plexus slim costs around $100 per month, which is apparently a pretty high amount for the average consumer.

The company suggested that the costs associated with this product do not compare to the amount of money the average consumer spends from being unhealthy. It cited different people’s claims of how much they spend on junk food and things such as coffee every day.

One of the key statements made was that the average consumer spends $10 per day on coffee, soft drinks, or other items at convenience stores. It claimed that if a consumer were to buy Plexus products, it would roughly amount to $4 per day and the rest of those costs would be eliminated.

This is because there are natural ingredients in the product that promotes appetite suppression and can aid in curbing sugar cravings. This point probably would resonate with the normal consumer. The testimonials provided by company on the infomercial pretty much backed up these claims.

The overall presentation of the company and the representation of the products was very professional and could be considered appealing to anyone who might be interested in the products.

The commercial was above par for the typical weight loss type of infomercial.

Self-Sufficiency with Medical Billing and Coding

TITLE: “Self-Sufficiency with Medical Billing and Coding”

COMPANY: Billing and Coding U (

DURATION: 60 seconds

YEAR: 2014


Upon reviewing a commercial brought to us by Billing and Coding U, we have rated the commercial with 5 stars. The commercial aptly covers all questions that potential students entering the billing and coding industry would probably have about the university, classes and the medical and billing coding industry in general prior to signing up to the program. The commercial that Billing and Coding U presented to was entitled “Self-Sufficiency with Medical Billing and Coding.”

The commercial was first aired in August 2014 and was 60 seconds long. At the beginning of the commercial, the audience is posed with the typical questions that appeal to those wishing to be self-employed:

• How would you like to be your own boss?
• How would you like to set your own hours?
• How would you like to make as much money as you wish?

After these introductory questions, then the commercial goes on to explain how a career in medical billing and coding can provide you with skills that you can use to work at home from the comfort of your own office. All you need is a computer. The commercial depicts scenes of medical billing and coding specialists working in front of their laptops at home in the pajamas at all hours of the day while still being able to go pick their children up from school and attend to household chores. This reminded me of a commercial we reviewed awhile back for the best flat iron from the Total Hair Beauty site. It also shows them making time for family and friends and other events that they want to attend.

Then, the commercial goes on to show how the medical billing and coding industry can be a rewarding one for those who don’t necessarily want to work at home. It depicts scenes of medical billing and coding specialists working in offices for physicians and insurance companies, showing how medical billing and coding specialists can work within hospital settings as well as they can in their homes.

Next, the commercial illustrates the other benefits to attending school to become a medical billing and coding specialist. It lists facts such as the following:

• There is a high demand for medical billing and coding specialists.
• The career offers you the flexibility to work on site or at home.
• The career is a field that requires approximately two years or less of schooling to obtain a certification.
• The career offers the opportunity of good benefits.
• The career offers you a chance to work in the medical profession without necessarily having to do hands-on physician work.
• The career comes with the satisfaction of knowing that you’re completing tasks that are crucial to the healthcare industry.

The commercial then goes on to show how students can train to be medical billing and coding specialists on campus or online from the comfort of their own homes. Some students might prefer to receive their training on site in a classroom setting, whereas others might prefer to learn their medical billing and coding skills at home at their own pace in their free time so that they can keep their current jobs until they receive their certifications that enable them to enter their new career fields.

Overall, this commercial offered a comprehensive view of the entire medical billing and coding industry as well as the lifestyles that students can expect to live with a career in this field. It illustrated the many benefits that this career field has to offer potential students as well as the advantageous amount of time that it takes to become a medical billing and coding specialist, which is shorter than attending a four-year university. This commercial was complete and thorough and, thus, completely deserves a 5-star rating, in our opinion.

The Best Pre Workout Fitness Commercial

Title of Commercial: The Best Pre Workout
Company Website:
Duration: 1:01
Year: 2014

Description: When it comes to filming commercial for gyms it is quite typical for each to feature actresses and actors who resemble Victoria Secret or Calvin Klein super models, all of which contain a physical form that cannot be achieved with the simple use of a fitness machine like the elliptical. However, in this commercial, that is no longer the case and in fact, is quite the contrary. Instead of conforming to the old formula for fitness product advertisements, this company has sought to take the alternative route by advertising its pre workout supplements by mocking conventional fitness commercials.

This new approach to selling health and fitness products begins its commercial with a petite rather lanky woman doing dumbbell curls in a small dull gym as a very large burly man screams into her ear like a military sergeant. As he shouts at her, she casually rolls her eyes and continues to lift her dumbbells. The commercial then cuts to a scene advertising its fitness gear and pre workouts currently full sale, ultimately illustrating how funny it is when you look at the various conventional methods used to advertise fitness merchandise and supplements. The narrator goes on to state that your pre workout supplements do not cause as much embarrassment as your fitness instructor might cause.

Our Review: The reason we love this commercial so much is because it advertises the best pre workout supplements in a manner that is not both comical and tasteful. It utilizes a much different approach than the conventional methods used to advertise various health and fitness products and services. It is part of a series of commercials that launched this year, all of which are designed to poke fun at old ways of advertising products in the workout industry.

The majority of the commercials begin with an overwhelming gym instructor in outlandish fitness attire shouting at small and lanky people at the gym as they participate in commonly known exercise routines. Each one of the coach’s clients embodies a sense of irritation and simplicity as they try to abide by their coach’s loud screams to push harder and give it their all. The commercial itself is incredibly well-done and very humorous. You cannot watch it without laughing at how absurd and true it is, especially when you reflect on all the times you have found yourself at your local gym with the same burly and loud fitness instructor towering over you, as he or she screams into your ear to push yourself harder and test your ultimate strength. It also hints on how people can get persuaded by advertisers and other media promoting ridiculous things such as acupuncture in order to make you happier. What is fun about having needles stuck in your skin, and how could this possibly help? It is no wonder that medical professionals can not prove the effects of acupuncture, but many still make bogus claims.

In conclusion, we believe the advertisers responsible for making this commercial did a phenomenal job with its execution. It is both comical and easy to relate to, and impossible to watch without succumbing to a major grin spread across your face. It is one of the best ways to illustrate the hilarity that rest in fitness gear and products, like pre workout supplements. It is a new approach that was done incredibly well, and we would love to see more advertisers utilize this method of selling products.

Informercial Review of Transition Love – The Light leak plugin collection for Final Cut Pro X

Title of Commercial: Transition Love – Light leak plugin collection for Final Cut Pro X
Company Website:
Duration: 1 minute and 5 seconds
Year: 2014

This is an informercial for a new light leak package titled Transition Love. Transition Love is the newest release from plugin and video effects manufacturer 

Light Leak effects for Final Cut Pro

LightLeakLove have been producing video effects such as light leaks (see here) that can be imported into video editing software and used to improve a videos look. Video editors look to be their main clientele, especially video editors that work on one particular type of program. This program is Final Cut Pro and it must also be running on a Apple Mac computer as the program does not run on windows pc's such as Dell, Asus and Samsung computers.

This infomercial addresses the positives of the product at hand (a collection of light leak transitions for the perusal of video editors and to be used in a video editing program) and also promotes the message that it was built from the ground up for Final Cut Pro X (also referred to as FCPX in this infomercial). It can be assumed that this is a substantial selling point for the product over it's competitors. 

The infomercial promotes the straight facts, such as the fact that there are 31 light leak transitions to choose from and the fact that they can be accessed from within the video editing programs interface. In this case the video editing program is Final Cut Pro X. The video however does not state that the products can't be used in another program, it really just alludes to it by saying the effects were "built from the ground up" for one program in particular.

The demographic and audience this video is trying to highlight is quite niche. Video editors who are actively editing within the program Final Cut Pro. The success of this piece of software means that even though it seems like a small niche, in actual fact the amount of users is quite large (the largest slice of the video editing software market) and growing every day. 

The info-graphic from does not go into how to make light leak transitions but it does quickly illustrate how to use light leaks in Final Cut Pro including how to change the opacity, saturation, flip and flop modes, hue and saturation and also how to add a coloured tint to your video using this specific video effect plugin. 

The voice over in this informercial video is male. It sounds like a male between 20 an 40 years old. The voice over read sounds quite natural and friendly and evokes a calm, natural and relaxed atmosphere. This is a positive and the audience (the viewers of the video) are put at ease and due to the voice over friendliness, may actually visit and make a purchase.

Overall the video is concise, informative, punchy and very much in line with the brand it is promoting. There are no negative or fraudulent claims, no typing or spelling errors and no visible editing mistakes. Because of this the video comes across as very professional, meaning it holds a much better chance of having viewers actually interact with the company behind the informercial.

Our overall rating is 8/10. 

Piano Commercial Review

Company: Yamaha P150

Duration: 30 seconds

I recently came across a commercial on TV that made me laugh. It was a commercial for a piano manufacturer. I was first quite taken back by the fact there was even a piano commercial on TV. Piano companies have for the large part been in business for a few hundred years. Their name is so tried and trusted that they just don’t need to advertise.

After I got over the fact that I had seen a piano commercial, I analyzed what I had seen a little bit. The commercial was of a small girl who could play piano chops that would make most adults envious. She was absolutely sensational. I first wondered if it was faked. It certainly wasn’t this was truly a little girl who could bust piano chops like a modern day Beethoven.

While she was doing this, there was a crowd of older folks around her cheering her on. I wondered for quite a while what the purpose of this commercial might be. Here is what I came up with.

  1. I think it was mostly trying to appeal to younger people. The amount of younger people who know how to play the piano is steadily declining. This is mostly due to the rise in use of technology. The purpose of this commercial was almost certainly to appeal to younger people and  try to get them interested in the piano.
  2. I think the article was also trying to put pressure on older people to teach younger people how to play. When today’s elderly were younger, they didn’t have technology; they only had what they had around the house. That usually included instruments. I think I would agree with this. Older people need to teach today’s youth how to play instruments.
  3. I think the commercial was meant to unite the two generations. It’s a great way for everyone to relate to each other. Especially since music seems to be so dear to the hearts of elderly people.

Overall, we’re quite impressed with this commercial. We think it sends a good message, and it should be watched and noted. I think too many of today’s youth spends their time inside messing around with video games and TV, rather than learning life long hobbies like the piano. However, we’d love to get your opinion on this. Have you seen the commercial? If so, what did you think? Did you think it sent a great message?

We always love to hear back from you guys. The purpose of this site is to act like a forum while we analyze modern day popular culture. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please feel free to voice them below. Let’s get the discussion going!

Thanks for reading.

Football Sundays are about to make their return

Title of commercial: Football Sundays are about to make their return
Company website: Watch Football Online NOW
Duration: 5:02 minutes
Year: 2014

It’s the dawn of a new season of football. A promo commercial has been released, and boy, can you feel the excitement of the game as you watch the five minute trailer.

Fans with towels waving, the team breaking out of the tunnel and into the light – the excitement begins to build. Bright lights, with the muscled silhouette of a player in uniform, his helmet and number in stark relief. The NFL is filled with talented individuals, making up coordinated team after coordinated team that become forces to be reckoned with.

Over and over throughout the commercial, you see those moments that make or break a football game. The faces of determination, both on the field and watching from the sidelines, caught in that moment when they know the next choice can make THE difference in this game.

Powerful images of players running onto the field, bursting through the smoke, or mascots leading the way proudly and full of energy. The flames shoot toward the sky, the wind catches the flag as it is carried across the field.

NFL players know to expect any weather, and this video shows the sunny days and the days players face off in inches of freshly fallen snow, the flakes falling lazily as the players wait, tensed, on the sidelines. The entire gamut of emotions are run during the course of one game – four quarters of intense strategy and implementation.

There are the fun moments too, the times when the players amp the fans and take a second to dance foolishly with the cheerleaders. After all, the focus is the game, but there is time for fun to be had too.

Sure, there will be blood, countless moves to wipe away the sweat and exhaustion will win out. Until then, though, the focus is on the players as they set their feet, digging cleats into manicured turf and preparing to push for the win.

The commercial digs into your heart and overwhelms your brain with flashbacks as poignant moments from the previous season continue to swirl past. You see moments of sportsmanship in the handshake between two players from opposing teams after a game, knowing one was the victor and the other goes home disappointed. Yet in that moment, who is who is not apparent. They are equals, acknowledging each other as such. You see determination, excitement and euphoria, followed by exhaustion and sadness as the images continue to roll. You see familiar mascots and jerseys, you recognize your team and the one you hate.

You have no choice but to admire the strength and power exuded by these players and feel the emotions as a hat is tossed, a touchdown is celebrated and a player scrambles for a ball that slipped slowly and painfully from his hands.

You hear the crunch as the opposing teams break from the line of scrimmage. You watch the moment of decision on the face of the coaches and the players, not knowing if the result will be triumph or failure. Then, you share the moment of realization as a player, who has stretched to get as far as he can, realizes he is in the end zone and has just put his team in the lead.

The concentration on their faces, the perfection of a pass finding its mark and the pride in pulling in the pass in the end zone are moments that last a lifetime.

The NFL is back. Where will you be on Sunday?

McDonald’s Hamburger University Commercial


This particular McDonalds commercial features the Hamburglar. A pint-size character who made his appearance in the early seventies. He was one of the first villains portrayed on television commercials. His main goal in life was to steal hamburgers. The commercial begins with Ronald McDonald teaching a class. The students in the class are hamburgers. Ronald McDonald says to the students, the lesson for the day is all about the Hamburglar. Ronald pulls down a screen featuring a picture of this famous McDonald’s villain. Ronald says to the class the Hamburger is very clever and very sneaky.

He rolls up the screen and to the student’s surprise the Hamburglar was behind the screen all along. The students in unisome yell out in fear “The Hamburglar”. Ronald has no clue as to what is going on; he proceeds through the classroom down each aisle as he walking ahead. He does not realize that the he is behind him and picking up each student (hamburger) behind him and putting in a basket. Ronald continues the lesson by asking, “What should you say if you see the Hamburglar? The students reply, “Help Ronald, save us!” in a panic as they are being picked and put the basket, but Ronald does not notice anything. He continues to stroll down the each aisle clueless (so you think).

It seems that Ronald was aware of the Hamburglar’s presence all along. At the end of the commercial this comical villain seems to be getting away it the students (hamburgers), but not so fast. You see Ronald McDonald had a plan all along and was way ahead of the Hamburglar. Ronald McDonald then pulled down another screen, this one looked like an exit out of the classroom. He walked right into Ronald’s trap, he did not get away with the hamburgers after all.

My Thoughts on McDonald’s Hamburger University Commercial

This commercial is actually very entertaining. We wish Mcdonald’s real Hamburger University, where they conduct their corporate training, was actually this entertaining, but that is not the case.

As far as the commercial goes, at the beginning of it you are thinking, “What is this all about?” As you watch you realize it is actual a well written vignette. You have a main character, the perennial good guy, the students (hamburgers) and your ever-present bad guy, the Hamburglar. The commercial is very well done. It offers a little comedy, drama and mystery all at the same time. You are on pins and needs throughout the commercial wondering, Is Ronald McDonald going to save the children (hamburgers) in time? Will he ever turn around and see what is going on? Is it possible that the Hamburglar is smarter than Ronald McDonald?

Of course Ronald McDonald is the hero at the end of it, which is the reason why little kids love Ronald McDonald. These commercials were filmed to attract the attention of children. Even though the commercial were only thirty seconds long, they were enough to make a strong impression. The McDonalds corporation found a spokesman for their brand that children adored and in turn used that love to build the most successful fast food chain in the world.

Bookkeeping Radio Commercial

Title of commercial: Bookkeeping Freedom
Radio station: Radio South East
Ad: Virtual Business Source, a cloud-based bookkeeping and accountancy service in the UK
Company website:
Duration: 1.5 minutes
Year: 2014
Description: they really seemed to understand what small and medium-sized business owners want from their bookkeeper and accountant and managed to cleverly sum that up in a short commercial.

I was listening to Radio South East today and heard an ad for a company called Virtual Business Source. Virtual Business Source provides a cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting service for small to medium-sized businesses throughout the UK.

Their ad was light and chatty; not at all the usual dull stuff you tend to get on local radio for accountancy businesses. The thing I liked most about it was that they really seemed to understand what concerns us small business owners and what we’re looking for from the ideal bookkeeping or accountancy relationship.

Take me for example, I know that if I hire a bookkeeper or an accountant that they’re more than likely to do my job well and make sure that what they do for me is legal and respects the up-to-date regulations. But the people at Virtual Business Source seem to go further than that. They really seem to understand that people don’t want a 9 to 5 bookkeeper who takes them away from doing their job to ask questions and clarify points about their finances. What we small business owners want is a great service, but on our terms.

This ad, which was running pretty much all evening, was only short, probably lasting no more than a minute and a half, but it really did grab my attention. They started off by saying that just because you run a small business, it’s not fair to assume that you want to communicate with your professional advisors during normal office hours. They also said that they know that it’s likely that you’ll want to consult your accounts on the move, which is why their service works across tablets and mobiles, as well as laptop and desktop computers. They really seem to have their finger on the pulse at this company.

But more than that, they made bookkeeping and accounting sound simple and interesting. Every accountant I’ve ever had has done their very best to make their job sound complicated (probably to help justify their extremely high fee). And another great thing is that they work on a fixed monthly fee; so you know exactly where you stand each month.

At the end of the short ad, they had a crystal clear call to action, inviting listeners to visit their website to find out more. I’ve already looked, and even their website is easy to understand, making the whole process sound simple and straightforward. I can tell you, I’ve already downloaded their guide to pain-free bookkeeping as well as sending them an email to request a call back. I think if everyone who hears their ad responds like me, they’re going to be a whole lot busier than they imagined!

A short review of Commercial

Title of commercial – How To Prevent Wallet theft

Company website –

Duration – 8:45 minutes

Year – 2014


How to prevent wallet theft is an infomercial that helps people to prevent thieves from stealing their wallets or even their identity.

The company that made the video is one that reviews the best wallets in the market. They don’t produce their own wallets, but sell those of multiple manufacturers. They’re independent so you can be sure they give objective information.

The video starts with “old school” wallet theft. The so called “pickpockets”. The first part is about how big this problem is. It starts with a bunch of statistics of wallet theft in the US and even in other parts of the world. This first part of the infomercial doesn’t contain advice but mainly numbers. It is to convince people that it’s a global problem. But luckily it’s something we can all work on and thus should be able to bring the number of wallet thefts down.

The second part of the video speaks about why there is wallet theft and why it is that easy for criminals to steal a wallet. In this part you see a video of a criminal (blurred face) that tells us how he picks his victims. It’s very interesting to hear this person’s story. And more particularly because it tells us what we should not do. Learning from a thief how to prevent yourself is the best advice you can get.

We learn from the video that you should go for tight pockets and front pockets if you don’t want your wallet stolen. Also a wallet with a chain could help a lot. Why would a thief try to steal this kind of wallet if there are some many easier targets around. So front pocket wallet with a chain is the way to go. Why? Because you can feel it when it gets stolen.
Also a tip for women: Don’t put a wallet somewhere loose in a purse. Put it in a separate pocket with a zipper. The same for briefcases. Go for a briefcase which has a zipper closure such as one of these.
It’s actually best not to put it in a separate bag because then you can’t feel it when it gets stolen.
The main thing is to protect yourself from theft. So before buying a wallet, think about it.
Last but not least the video covered some technical details about RFID skimming and how it works. With RFID skimming a swipe against your wallet can be enough for identity theft. According to the experts in the video this type of wallet theft will happen more and more often in the next coming years. That’s why they talked a couple of minutes about it.

For this reason they tell us it’s rather important nowadays to get a wallet that protects against RFID skimming. In a world of digitalization this is the new threat around the corner. According to the experts in the field it’s best to go for a metal wallet or at least 1 with a metal shell because it will protect your identity better than regular wallets do.

All in all this video was quite interesting and we learned 2 or 3 things from it. By the end of the infomercial I had a better on view on what kind of wallet to look for to prevent it from being stolen.

A Brief Review of a Commercial

Title of commercial – How To Get Into Podcasting For Smart People

Company website –

Duration – 9:47 minutes

Year – 2014


How To Get Into Podcasting For Smart People is an infomercial that is just short of 10 minutes long that is designed to teach bloggers that are interesting in podcasting how to do it and particularly what equipment they will need.

The video producers are a company that markets audio recording equipment and they have created a guide packed full of great information about podcasting to lure in their potential customers.

The video starts with a brief overview of the recent podcasting explosion highlighting how it’s a less competitive space than blogging, youtube and other forms of online audience building. In fact the first 3 minutes of the video don’t tell you anything about how to make a podcast but instead focus entirely on the benefits of podcasting and why you the viewer should be getting into it. The main angle they use to tell the story of other bloggers that started a podcast to great success.

We hear the stories of people like Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas and how the turned around their life by starting a podcast and becoming famous faces on the internet. It’s actually quite compelling stuff and by the time we reach the end of this section of the video we are quite convinced of the benefits of starting a podcast. It should be noted though that the infomercial fails to mention the many 1000′s of people that have started blogs and podcasts to little success. Although the purpose is clearly to inspire the viewer that they should buy the podcasting equipment and get started a more comprehensive guide might have covered some of the mistakes that podcasters make rather than only focus on the big winners like Flynn and Dumas.

Moving on the remainder of the video covers the technical aspects of podcasting and the video is actually quite informative and comprehensive. There is a brief discussion of usb mics vs and audio interfaces and it’s clearly explained what the better option is for different circumstances (Basically usb mics are better for travellers). After even a short video I felt like I knew all I needed to know about the technical aspects of podcasting and they made what might have been a scary subject seem quite simple.

By the time I reached the end of the infomercial I was sure that I handle the equipment needed for podcasting and I was actually sold on the idea that podcasting would be a great thing to get into. But what was lacking was some advice about how to create a successful podcast. It’s all very well to record a clean mp3 and uploaded it to a server but how do you develop a theme for your show, how do you build an audience, how do you make sure that you are not just some guy talking into his microphone with nobody listening at the other end. This is what smart people really want to know and this guide would have been a lot better if it was 5 or 10 minutes longer and covered some of the basics of audience building and positioning rather than only the technical aspects of recording a show.

Hilarious Condom Commercial

ZaZoo Condoms

Company Website

30 seconds


One of the most effective ways to make a commercial noticeable is to put a little humor in it. ZaZoo Condoms did it best with a hilarious commercial which went viral. The commercial was seen hundreds of thousands of times and was shown all over the internet in various news sites, Facebook shares, youtube videos and more. The commercial begins with a young father and son on a typical trip to the grocery store. They move from aisle to aisle until they come across the candy section. Any parent that has strolled through the grocery store can almost certainly understand what happens in this situation. The young boy grabs a bag of sweets and places it in the cart. The father rejects his son’s behavior and takes the sweets and places them back on the shelf. A conflict obviously ensues with the son taking the sweets again off the shelf and placing them back in the cart. After the father repeats his previous behavior and places the sweets back on the grocery store shelf, that’s when all craziness breaks loose.

The child starts throwing a temper tantrum of the ages. First, the young boy starts with just crying and screaming. He then proceeds to run through the aisles and throwing things that are on the shelves all over the ground. After thoroughly embarrassing the father with this misbehavior, he then proceeds to roll around on the floor kicking and screaming.

The message of the commercial is simple. The father, while watching his child make a scene is shown with a caption that reads, “Use condoms”, which turns the commercial from good into incredible. The commercial ends with ZaZoo Condom’s logo and the suggestion that if you wish to not see the same fate as the father in the video, you should probably use protection and why not use ZaZoo’s Condoms.

The commercial lasts an exhilarating thirty seconds, which is plenty of time for the viewer to understand the message and the punchline.

This commercial aired in the early 2006 and was published to Youtube in February. It is an internet sensation so it still is seen thousands of times per day despite it being taken off the air over 8 years ago. The power of social media and the internet advertisers can be seen by these hilarious advertisements because companies like ZaZoo will forever receive exposure despite not having to pay for commercial airtime.

The company name is ZaZoo and can be found by visiting the website, “”. This company has been producing condoms for the 22 years and has since exploded internationally since the creation of the the advertisement. ZaZoo is the United States version of Trojan Condoms. They are wildly used and many people say it’s the best condoms you can buy. ZaZoo is based out of Switzerland which explains the exotic name and edgy advertising style. They have several lines of condoms for any occasion including ultra thin, her pleasure, and turbo ribbed. With the continued exposure from ZaZoo’s viral advertisement, we can continue to see success from ZaZoo.

Fall in Love With Everything Vintage

Title of Commercial: Fall in Love With Everything Vintage
Company Website:
Duration: 1:01
Year: 2014

Description: The viewer is greeted with an introductory montage of images of furniture designs ranging from the beginning of mankind up until the most recent past time. It cascades through a sequence of beautiful pieces of footage illustrating the various changes in vintage furniture over the years. It is a timeline of sorts, created to show the similarities and differences in home design from the start of humanity. Not only is it a timeline, it is a beautiful piece of footage that accurately captures the evolution of the furniture pieces we know and love today.

For each scene, there is a piece of music that plays from that era. In many ways, we believe this is a part of the brilliance of the commercial, because it takes a piece of each era and portrays a snapshot of its culture. The addition of the music is the perfect touch to the video timeline of retro design. From the original 18th century pieces, up until the 1980s, each scene is perfectly placed within the sequence. It is important to note that the type of vintage furniture pieces and styles that are displayed in each scene are iconic symbols of the era in which it was birthed. For example, when we view the portion of the sequence that takes place in the 1960′s, we are greeted with images of the culturally renown show The Brady Bunch. Here it depicts the fun and vibrant colors and bubbly furniture pieces that could be found during the era of flower children. A song from the Beatles plays in the background, and we are shown more snapshots of large lampshades, green carpets, and funky patterns that were commonly seen in the 1960′s.

Prior to that sequence, we are shown the elegant vintage furniture pieces of the 1920s, during the Prohibition era. In addition, images of what appears to be royally dressed woman lounging on fine wood that rests on antique rugs. The type of rugs you can only find through retro furniture dealers who specialize in collecting, refurbishing or preserving, and selling these pieces. Once the timeline comes to a halt, the music begins to dim and a series of single pieces of furniture and common home accessories flash before our eyes, and stack into a sequence. A soft woman’s voice begins to speak over the now dim music, where she tells the viewer where he or she can find fine vintage furniture for his or her next home remodeling adventure.

From our perspective the commercial did a fantastic job of capturing each era of home furniture and design in the most accurate fashion possible. It also exceeded expectations when it comes to creating the perfect allure and mystery needed to entice the viewer to want to know more. I confess, I could not figure out what it was the commercial was trying to tell me, but I could not look away.