Top 6 CBD-Related Documentaries, Films, and Television Shows

The use of CBD is becoming more popular as time goes by. Some studies believe that it has lots of health benefits. That is probably why even some documentaries, films, and TV shows feature CBD in Canada.
Here are some of the best CBD-related documentaries, films, and TV shows:
CBD Nation
CBD Nation is a fantastic film about people who use medicinal cannabis to treat a variety of illnesses. It is perhaps the most well-known CBD film on the market.
It contributes to a greater understanding of the potential of this …

How to Dress the British Girl Way?

It is hard to pinpoint what Brit Fashion really looks like. It is because Brits love to do extraordinary ways when it comes to the custom t shirt they wear. Their style is more on looking grunge and polish at the same time. After researching back and forth, we have come up with some of the common outfits they commonly use to glamour up. Let’s break them down one by one.
Trench Coat
You can never go wrong with a trench coat. It can easily improve your custom T-shirts and jeans look to a whole new trendy level. You can never go wrong with a trench, as this perfectly matches all outfits …

BoJack Horseman Season 6: Most Absurd Season Ever

Season 6 of the original Netflix series Bojack Horseman is now streaming 8 episodes. This season he is no longer your standard interior designer expert.
While there are rumors that this will be the final installment already, it looks like this sixth season will top all other seasons before. Arriving in two parts, this season directed by Raphael Bob-Waksberg is aimed to be the most absurd season ever. It is expected that the antihero in the animated series, BoJack will finally reckon with his self-destructiveness. This realization will come in full circle as BoJack finally understands that his good intentions will always be without …

Best BritBox Mystery Series to Stream

If you are subscribed to the British streaming service called BritBox, then you are in for a good weekend time! In this article, we gathered fresh information about the best mystery series that you can stream in this platform! Get your popcorn and pillows ready for these nerve-wracking mystery films that will surely mystify and blow your minds.
Released in 2019, The Bay is a mystery series delving in crime section that has 6 episodes already for its 1st season. The story revolves around an investigator solving the case of missing twins. Adding excitement to the plot is the unfolding of each character’s secret motives, as well as …

In Fabric: A Story About a Cursed Red Dress

Opening on Friday, December 6 is In Fabric, a retro suspense thriller film directed by Peter Strickland. Its unique storyline revolves simply around a cursed red dress that results in all its wearer to die.
Included in the cast is Marianne Jean-Baptiste who plays the role of a separated woman in her 40s who bought the cursed red dress in a mall store sale. At first, the cursed red dress gave her body a chronic rash. One unique feature is that the cursed red dress reacts violently when attempted to be washed! The plot goes on to continue with the curse of the red dress passing on from one wearer to another.
The 113 minutes …

Top Shows to Watch Out For in Amazon Prime Canada this December 2019

Are you in for streaming the latest binge-worthy shows on Amazon Prime Canada? Finding a good series isn’t easy. Our editors have personally picked out these top shows in December 2019 to watch out for! Get ready for your list and start scheduling your much-awaited showtime!
John Wick 2
If you were able to watch John Wick 1, you will expect much that this 2nd installment will be as good as the 1st. Satisfy your suspense shows cravings because John Wick 2 is a darker delight than the original show. Expect more rounds of rage killing and fire shooting as the story unfolds into a mindblowing tapestry of skilled assassins…

Binge Watch These Shows on Crave This December 2019

Spend your weekends on a cozy couch while binge-watching these top and must-see shows on Crave this December! We listed here the shows and short reviews about them so make sure you tick off each of them soon.
Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood is a queer recap story of the Hollywood cinema’s golden age in the 40s and 50s. Discover the colorful history of the golden age of cinema that remained a secret for many years already. This present-day documentary compels its audience to look beyond the gossipy bits of the story and lures you more into the film’s plot. Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood shall air on Crave …

Best of the Best: Reel Asian Film Festival

The Reel Asian International Film Festival was held on November 7 to 15 in various venues and theaters in Toronto, Canada. Though there were some paid events ranging from 15 to 25 dollars, some events were freely given!
This festival showcases the uniqueness of contemporary Asian media arts that includes film and cinema. It includes works from Asian artists in the United States, Canada, all of Asia and all over the world. Founded in 1997, this non-profit, community-based festival attracts many audiences with its series of film screenings, workshops, forums, and parties.
In this article, we list down the best of the best films…

Marriage Story: Empathetic Plot on Separation

If you think stories about couples separating are boring, then maybe you have not given Marriage Story a try. If you think that all stories about separation are poignant, Marriage Story’s depiction of a couple’s separation is on point and empathetic.
A full 2-hour film directed by Noah Baumbach, Marriage Story shall begin streaming on Netflix on December 6. Get your tissues ready as this tearjerker film shall surely rip your hearts out. Experience the pain of separation and heartbreak as the film takes us to the most disturbing issues and questions surrounding separation. What will break viewers’ hearts all the more is the …

Best Movies and TV Shows on Netflix Canada this December

Monthly, Netflix Canada releases fresh and new movies and TV shows to its collection. This December, we are excited to share with you our picks for the best movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix Canada. Spend your holidays binge-watching these shows with your loved ones!
Looking for a guaranteed blockbuster movie to enjoy in the comfort of your home? Netflix Canada has announced the streaming of 6 Underground on December 13! This movie is starred by Ryan Reynolds who is the leader of a squad wanting to stay off the grid by faking their own deaths. Such fake deaths free the squad from the hands of the law thereby giving them …