The Branding of Television Manufacturers

BrandingTelevision manufacturers are plentiful and the competition is stiff. A good branding campaign can make all the difference in sales. We are going to look at the top companies who have created a brand identity for themselves.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is a South Korean company who specializes in consumer electronics and many other products and services. With revenue crossing $268 billion, they are leaders in screen technology. Let’s look at this laterally – consider Apple computers and devices. The Mac monitors are produced and supplied by Samsung. Those glossy screens are thanks to this company whose assets are above $470 billion!

If you go to an electronics store and ask for the best plasma or LCD/HD television set, they refer to Samsung first. The same screen size plasma TV for any other brand would cost less, however Samsung sets have a higher Gigahertz functionality that just can’t be beat. Samsung made a deal with the IOA (International Olympic Association) to sponsor the ’98 Seoul Olympics. Following on this successful branding campaign, they took their game up a notch. They enlisted a branding company to start hiring celebrities marketing campaigns. Their branding success usign events and celebriteis, makes them a household name and trusted company. Their corporate slogan, “Imagine,” brings to mind Apple’s “Think Different” slogan. These slogan are both examples of excellent branding.

Moving on, LG Electronics, another South Korean company is the best alternative to Samsung television sets. While you still get the best of engineering, LG makes an effort to keep the price affordable. An LG plasma TV will still make your neighbours and relatives jealous, but it won’t break your budget. LG Corporation revenue stands at $143 billion and is the preferred home-user’s television brand. They have a simplistic style in marketing their product. Their tag-line, “Life’s good”! In an attempt to beat their competitor, Samsung. LG not only makes their products affordable, but they also included unique hand gestures, voice recognition and other innovative features.

Next comes a Japanese conglomerate – Sony Corporation – the third largest producer of television sets. Sony has been known for their analog and LCD TVs since 2007. Similar to the top competitors, Sony ensured quality along with a competitive advantage – slimness. The Bravia range of products emphasise one thing – home theatre! Taking the marketing notch up and above the WEGA range, the Bravia products have lived up to their popularity.

Panasonic is another excellent competitor giving a run for the money for their top competitors. Most features that you would expect from top companies are available in a Panasonic set, and you also get more features that are incredible. This Japanese company has a slogan – “A Better Life, A Better World” in its official site. Providing top class alternatives, without losing out on quality, is Panasonic’s style. This is another branding message that emphasizes quality of life.

Sharp (Japanese), Vizio (U.S), Philips (Dutch), Toshiba Corporation (Japanese), Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Japanese) and RCA (U.S) are the other companies that are top grossing producers of high-end television sets. Their branding styles have covered a wide range of celebrities and advertising slogans. Not to mention, they pay for those expensive billboard ads and YouTube campaigns to tap the internet-literate crowd.

The edge that most television companies have is the technology and durability behind their advertising campaigns. The gloss finish with HD is one thing, but the affordability is totally another. While these top companies compete for attention, the best benefactor is the common user – you!

Trampoline Infomercial Review

Title: Tramps Abound Infomercial

Company Website:

Duration: 25 Minutes

Year: 2013


The latest Tramps Abound infomercial, which was released late 2013, is almost half an hour of just about everything you’ll ever need to know about trampolines.

This infomercial focuses heavily on five main brands: SpringFree, Pure Fun, Skywalker, Ultega, and JumpSport. While these five brands tend to dominate the screen, there is the occasional interruption to promote another brand between products, which often falls short due to the lack of attention paid. View the entire infomercial on their website to see what we mean.

This twenty five minute television spot does have it’s share of ups and downs, which we will discuss:


First of all, the camera work and studio set are professional and pleasant to watch. As a viewer it really leaves you with the feeling that this broadcast wanted you to know that the company takes it’s work seriously.

The main host, Daniel, talks with great charisma and appears confident and knowledgeable about all of the trampolines he talks about. Even though we know that Daniel is using a TelePrompTer, it is a very comfortable watch.

All the information provided is relevant and makes it extremely easy to make comparisons between the different trampolines presented. There is very minimal ‘fluff’ filling in the gaps, which there are very few. Honestly this infomercial does an excellent job informing the viewer of the best choice of trampoline for their family and home.


While Daniel did an excellent job providing clear and concise information about trampolines, his co-host, Ashley, could use a little tune up in the presentation. Often tripping over her words while talking into the camera, and shifting her eyes away from the lens, gives a very amateur feel to the broadcast.

There is plenty of great footage of the trampolines being used by children, being used by adults and families, and of long shots of the trampoline from afar. However, when the hosts are attempting to tell use relevant information about the trampoline on display, often to do with safety features or a specific part, instead of the camera zooming in to that feature, the shot remains on the child bouncing up and down happily in the distance.

For example; SpringFree trampolines are hugely popular because they offer the ultimate safety you can get from a trampoline being ‘Spring Free’. However, while the hosts are gushing over these facts and explaining the new technology involved and how it works, the camera literally holds still with a wide shot of the trampoline in use in some suburban yard. Albeit, the kids looked like they were having fun. The whole WOW factor got lost in the shot though, instead of seeing the action up close, we only got to see jumping. The infomercial is littered with examples like this, leaving you with only the words to focus on, instead of the visual, which we feel would multiply the impact several fold, thereby increasing viewer purchases.

All in all, this infomercial was extremely informative about all of the trampolines that they were offering for sale, however, it fell short when it came to the actual product footage, leaving you with a lot of information, yet very little inspiration to buy.

We give this infomerical 5/10

The North Face – “The Explorer” 2014 Commercial

Title of Commericial: “The Explorer”

Company web site:

Duration: 2 minutes, 17 seconds.

Year: 2014

Voiced by astronaut Buzz Aldrin, this commercial for The North Face doesn’t follow the standard 30 second commerical format of pushing a particular product from their range of cool backpacks and other lifestyle and travel accessories. Instead, it’s a well executed piece of brand advertising, aimed at building awareness and credibility for The North Face as being a brand for people who would like to get out and explore the world.

As a brand awareness piece, the selection of amazing visuals and inspiring words by one of the most well recognized explorers in history all combine to create a stunning and simply inspirational piece that leaves you wanting to get out and travel. Given the length of this commercial, I am almost positive that it is intended to be used on the big screen and shown to cinema goers – and I think that in that setting, people will be truly blown away.

I think it is almost as well executed as what many advertising experts consider to be the quintessential brand awareness campaign, Apple’s “1984″ Superbowl commercial.

The message below, when combined with the inspiring musical score and stunning visuals of people rock climbing, snow boarding and walking over bridges between huge rocky boulders in the commercial truly speaks to the ideal customer of The North Face’s range of backpacks, jackets and other lifestyle and travel products. Here’s what Buzz says in the commercial:

“All you have to do is to look at a newborn child and watch their eyes move around. We want to see. To explore. We, as human beings, we need that. I wasn’t one of those absolute naturals, but since childhood I’ve seen pictures of the great explorers and I felt that I would like to plant the flag. The three of us, we were very firey people. The bug was on our back to perform. We really had, with the backpacks, what we needed to survive. There’s a little bit of danger in the unknown, but human beings, I find, are not apt to back away from something that is a challenge. It took eight days altogether. Yeah, we barely made it – but we did make it. We were pushing the limits pretty close. Feelings are not something that we have recorders for. People will always have a desire to explore what they haven’t seen – whether it’s above us, on the surface or down in the depths of the ocean. “

It ends with a shot of Earth from space with a small clip from the transmissions from Apollo 11 back to Earth that were recorded (complete with the beeps) of Buzz Aldrin saying “We feel that this stands as a symbol of the insatiable curiosity of all mankind to explore the unknown”.

Apart from a couple of people in the commercial wearing jackets from The North Face, it is only really in the last four seconds of the commercial when it becomes apparent that it is an advertisement for The North Face, when they show the brand’s logo and motto “Never Stop Exploring”, followed by the hashtag “#NEVERSTOPEXPLORING”.

Burton’s “First Up, Last Down” Commercial

Title of Commercial: “First Up, Last Down”

Company website:

Duration: 30 seconds

Year: 2009

On a cold, wintery morning, just as the sun first peeks through his blinds, this hard-core snowboarder is getting up that mountain and playing all… day… long. The snow is a perfect, soft powder, the air is clean and crisp, the warm sun is shining brightly and the sky is a brilliant winter blue. Up the lifts and down the slopes, swerving, jumping, flying. What a magnificent day to be the first up the mountain and the last off of it.

With epic music by Randy Lee and Limebeat inspiring us in the background of this otherwise silent commercial (circa 2009), Burton snowboards really succeeds with planting a feeling in you. We all know how awesome it feels when the sun tingles our faces on a frigid winter day, how pure the air smells, and the burst of freedom any time spent outdoors gives us. Even a lifelong couch potato could be inspired to feel a desire for the sun and snow while enjoying this particular commercial. The perfect length at exactly half a minute, you’ll want to to be throwing your board in the back of your 4 wheel drive and heading out to the nearest powder when the music fades.

Burton boards rank consistently at the top of the best snowboard brands. They make a high-quality board to fit practically any taste and budget. Burtons have been spotted at the winter Olympics, at hundreds of national trials and competitions, and have an international following across the globe.

Boards aren’t the only thing Burton does best though. They’ve made a name for themselves in the field of sports fashion, and were the designers and manufacturers of the unique uniforms that the USA Olympic snowboarding team wore during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Featured in such fasionista magazines as Vogue, and OK, their clothing apparently isn’t just for rugged sportsmen and women who want to spend an awesome day working up a sweat in below freezing weather… celebrities and even politicians enjoy the casual comfort of Burton’s vests, sweaters, and ski pants.

On a scale of 1-10, this commercial earns a 9 in my book. The laid back epicness of the background music makes you feel like waking up to a sunny day and spending it out in the powder with a best buddy. It’s not a technical commercial by any means, it’s just meant to inspire. It achieves this objective perfectly, and leaves a great feeling inside that makes you want to be a part of more. Many viewers will immediately start researching how they can have a great time like that, and this is how new snowboarders are born.

When you’re going to be out all day long playing up a storm out there on the slopes, you’ll want to have the best equipment possible on your body and under your feet. If you’re worried about the performance of inferior straps, body protection, or even if you’re just cold and wet because you’re wearing less than stellar clothing, your perfect day is going to turn out to be a drag. Want to have a memorable day like the dude in this commercial? Get equipment and clothing you can trust, and, leaving your cares at the top of the slope, fly away from them on a Burton snowboard.

The Easiest Smartphone Ever Built – The EZSpeak


Duration: 1 minute, 3 seconds

Year: 2012

Description: A smartphone that claims to be the easiest one to use. It is built with ease of use in mind instead of functionality.
This commercial attempts to sell the concept of a super simple to use cell phone. This commercial’s main selling point is interviewing multiple people who are frustrated with their mainstream smartphones.

The interviewees talk about not knowing how to change their phone settings the way they want them. Several interviewees had trouble figuring out how to make a phone call, which is an attempt to poke fun at how complex the latest smartphones have become.
One of the major questions raised by the commercial is why pay for a phone that you need a professional technician to show you how to use.

The EZSpeak smart phone is then introduced as the solution to this major frustration that the average non-technical consumer is looking for. A smartphone that is extremely easy and intuitive to use.

Another topic that is touched on in detail is the use of VPN’s. The interviewer asks the smartphone owners if they use their VPN function with their smartphones and get a lot of confused answers.

Then then interviewer explains what a VPN is and why you might want to use one with your smartphone. They even go so far as to tell a Canadian based consumer how a VPN can help to show simple way to get American Netflix from Canada. After a simple explanation the consumers where very interested in using this functionality if it was as simple as a push of a button.

Another feature that’s highlighted on this brand new EZSpeak smartphone was its larger icons. This feature proves that this phone is geared towards the older section of society. This makes sense since the younger generations tend to have less difficulty with new technology than older generations.

The commercial in general does a decent job of sharing the benefits of its product and throws a few key features as well. It leaves no doubt to the audience who this device is geared towards.

The one major disappointment of this commercial was the lack of time showing images of the phone features. It spent 80% of the time on the conversations with the interviewees, 10% of the time showing images of the phone in use and the last 10% going over price and buying options. This commercial should have spent some more time showing actual images of the phone in operation to really highlight the easy part of its operations.

The price options available during this commercial were adequate with them giving the option to buy the entire phone in full or to break the purchase into three, easy payments. They also give a decent 20% discount if you act now, which is a standard way to create some urgency in purchasing.

From a marketing perspective this commercial did a lot of things right but they had a couple of key misses that we would have suggested could have helped to bring more buyers to the table.

Browning The Wait is Over Commercial

Title of Commercial: The Wait is Over

Company website:

Duration: 0.29

Year: 2013

How would you like to get a $500 trail camera for less than half the price? How about a trail cam with .68 trigger speed and self-adjusting illumination? Add in HD infrared images as well as absolute silence, and you just may have yourself a deal!

This fairly short commercial, consisting mostly of a single picture of the basic trail cam model and some high-tempo music in the background, doesn’t even begin to cover the goodies you have been waiting for in a trail camera. Sure, it lists enough to get you interested, but Browning makes so many different trail cameras, there are options galore for any kind of need. Consistently earning high marks from hunters and wildlife lovers alike, all Browning trail cams not only come with the features detailed above, but also come with time lapse photography options and are covered by a one year full warranty against manufacturing defects, as well as much, much more!

The Browning Company was started in America by John M. Browning, and, in addition to making some of the best trail cameras in their price bracket, they make some great rifle scopes. Innovation and pioneering in their realm of hunting tech has always been a strong point with the Browning company, as well as keeping their products within a price range that the average hunter or wildlife enthusiast can afford.

Amongst the trail camera models that Browning has available for you to choose from, you will find that most of them give you up to 10 megapixels with special tech that keeps blurring to a minimum. The models that take HD video clips will take up to 2 minutes of movie, and some even have a little 2″ color screen on the back so you can view your movies right there in the field, instead of having to hike your SD card all the way back to your computer to view your HD color films.

There are also some great accessories that come with this pack of trail cameras. Browning makes their own SD cards that are optimized to be used with their own technology, and instead of being limited to the small battery pack that is embedded in the camera, there are additional battery packs you can connect to the camera to make it live long and prosper. And in case you are worried about theft, the protective, camouflaged steel security boxes will keep your camera securely in its place.

On a scale of 1-10, this particular commercial earns a 4 in my book. For the length of time it lasts, it holds your attention and definitely opens up the world of Browning trail cameras to you. But it fails to mention key information a hunter would be looking for right off the bat in a truly innovative trail cam. Weather proof or not? Rated for temp extremes? Does it have live-tech so we can download upgrades? These things are out there on the market, if this is the camera we’ve been waiting for, does it have these capabilities?

Regardless of how the commercial works, Browning trail cameras are small, camouflaged, lockable, and silent… these aren’t your daddy’s trail cams. These produce HD, high megapixel count, full color photos, worthy of entering into photo contests (and of course, such contests exist and are downright fun to compete in!). These are indeed the trail cameras you’ve been waiting for at a price you can’t resist.

Our Journey to Capture the Soul of Austin Through Photography

Title of Commercial: Our Journey to Capture the Soul of Austin Through Photography
Company website:
Duration: 1:30
Year: 2014

Description: An Austin photographer illustrates his platonic artistic relationship with his his high-end camera and how they team up together to capture the heart and soul of Austin in a unique and artistic way that embodies family values and the joy of being a young adult. It accurately displays the evolving relationship between humans and technology, and how it is becoming increasingly comparable to a human to human relationship as our connection to our devices grows deeper.

The Commercial Story line
The commercial begins from the first person perspective of the Austin photographer who is just waking up early in the morning from what appears to be a very eventful night. The first glimpse of his life that the viewers are introduced to is his high-end camera resting on beautifully on the nightstand beside his bed. Before he even leaves his bed, we catch sight of him in the lens of his camera. He appears to be disgruntled until his eyes make contact with the lens, and it is almost as if he enters a world of childlike wonder, where he loses himself in the joy of the night before. In a only a few seconds, it is almost as if we see him relive the night in his mind. The night he spent out on the town with his beloved camera, who will quickly begin to realize is his best friend and companion. This is in only a matter of seconds through pure black and white film which we realize a few seconds later is representative of the present moment he is living from the first-person perspective. He picks up the camera where we are then capable of marveling at its design and structure. It becomes increasingly more evident that the camera is being personified as a human and this photographer’s best friend.

Still laying in bed, the photographer continues to smirk to himself in the lens as he flips it over and beings to browse through the remnants of the previous night. After he clicks the display button, the footage then transitions to color and we are no longer viewing the world from the first-person perspective of the photographer, instead we are viewing it from the camera’s perspective. It is an interesting twist, and truly captures the essence of technology’s evolution. The camera takes viewers on a journey of Austin, Texas where a bunch of children are playing in a large field, and a family is off to the side enjoying a hearty Texas BBQ picnic. The film then transitions into downtown Austin, where the photographer is capturing the motion of the city on the streets. We then see him walk into a cafe and meet an attractive girl for coffee, where he sets the camera down on the table for most of the time. As if he had to put his close friend, his camera, aside so he could focus his full attention on the beautiful female before him. Although he does not hesitate to snap a few frames of her laughing before he heads back out on the town. The film then quickly transitions into the night life of Austin, where people are drinking big jugs of beer, sporting cowboy hats and line dancing. A man rides a mechanical bull in the background, everything is moving quickly, and capturing nothing but the joy of being a young person indulging in the joys of Austin’s city life. The film then transitions back to the present moment first person perspective of the photographer who is now staring into the lens of his camera, laughing and shaking his head. In the final shots he slowly shakes his head, and casts a look of utter endearment at the lens of his camera. It is so subtle, but for people who are familiar with the humanistic qualities that technology has been adapting increasingly over the last few years, you will notice that the expression on his face embodies the heartfelt connection he feels to his device. Basically stating in a few seconds of footage that life would be a lot more lonesome without his trusted device.

Viewer Response and Reviews
The commercial was advertising the photography services of this Austin photographer by illustrating his relationship to his camera. Like many dedicated artists and photographers, the tools used for their craft are often considered to be their closest friends, allies and companions. These tools encompass humanistic qualities, and personalities that are given to these objects and devices by the artists who use them to live out their purpose and passion in life. Though the average person would completely neglect the metaphorical nature of this brilliantly crafted commercial, the artist and creatives, along with the the techies and the early adopters, would experience a deep sense of empathy for this man’s obvious connection to his camera. In fact, the depth of this commercial travels even further when you realize it is a story about passion and purpose, about the photographer’s craft, and how the two joining together in this life allow them to capture all the beauty in our world. Without the photographer’s eye, and the camera’s functionality, the beauty would cease to be captured, and the two could not tell the story they were destined to share with the world through a series of images and films. From an objective perspective, I believe the commercial was incredibly edgy and artistic. It also illustrated cultural trends of creativity and technology, and how the two are coming together more and more each day to tell the world’s story. For viewers who did not grasp its depth, it was still incredibly entertaining and interesting to watch. The relationship to the camera may have come off a little weird, but the moments he captured throughout the day and night were scenarios that every person can relate to. We have all lost ourselves in a beautiful park surrounded by laughing families, or in a crowded bar laughing and dancing with our closest friends. That is what makes it so awesome, because it is passionate and real. Though it may have been a subtle advertisement for this man’s passion and how his relationship to his device transforms his purpose in life into a reality. That without the camera, in many ways he would cease to exist. That is the much more complex and in depth analysis. But even for the average person, the footage and images of being lost in laughter among friends and family, they understand what these moments illustrate too because they have lived it. In conclusion, the commercial was amazing. So awesome that it could be made into a short film or a series of shorts about a day in the life of this Austin photographer and his beloved best friend, his camera.

Good old Jack in the box

  • Commercial Title: Jack in the Box Jalapeno BBQ Burger
  • Company Website:
  • Duration: 30 sec
  • Year: 2014

This commercial is short, sweet and to the point. Featuring the famous Mr Jack in the box and the actress Rachel Grate it seeks to promote the new Jack in the box Jalapeno BBQ Burger.

As with most ads now, it involves the social media aspect of life and uses it by introducing it into the invention of new burger types. Mr Jack in the box smugly rebuffs the interns suggestion that he doesn’t pay any attention to his social media followers by tell her that he of course listens to them and that they have given him the new idea for his newest burger.

The burger of course being the new Jalapeno BBQ burger. To be honest though one thing that bugs me is the fact that (not just with this company/commercial) on Tv and pretty much anywhere you see a picture of a meal like this burger or a box of chicken (like from KFC ) etc from a franchise restaurant it seems a lot better in the actual picture than when it looks when you buy it.

The burger pictured in this commercial looks absolutely delicious, but you know that when you go to buy it it will look nothing like the way it looks on tv. This is one gripe I inherited from my father who loved his bbq food and would shun the take away food shops in favor of his own home bbq cooking. Many a weekend we would sit in the backyard with pops cooking away with his electric smoker sometimes it wouldn’t even be in the warm of summer but no matter what the weather all the family loved his cooking and it brings back great memories of my dear father.

Anyway enough reminiscing back to the commercial that ends with some corny jokes i don’t get and a cut away to the jack in the box logo. To be honest the hard sell wasn’t there with this commercial but I will be tempted to pop down at the earliest opportunity and try out this new burger as it does look great – let’s just hope it does turn out to look as good as it does on screen!

Even though the point was to get a nice shot of the juicy burger on screen and the rest of the commercial was pretty pointless it kind of works for me. I work a few doors away from Jack in the box and will be there most lunch times for a meal so the commercial will work for people like me however I don’t know if it will appeal as much to other people who will maybe not go out of their way to visit one of the restaurants just to taste this burger..

Maybe they should have made it a little more sexier with bikini clad girls tucking into the burger on the beach like in that Pauls Kitchen advert from a few years ago although thinking back about that now it think that was a little over the top!

3 out of 5 for me on this ad – could do better!

How To Select Hiking Boots

Title of infomercial: How To Select Hiking Boots
Company website:
Duration: 5:14
Year: 2011

Whether you enjoy day hiking in the woods or prefer week long journeys into the mountains, it is very important that you have all the supplies you need to make your outdoor adventure a good one. As any outdoor enthusiast will tell you, the right pair of hiking boots is one of the most important things to have when embarking on an outdoor adventure. But how can you find the right pair of hiking boots? In the informative 2011 video on YouTube titled ” How To Select Hiking Boots“, shoe expert Mark Fritz gives great advice about what to look for when deciding to buy the right pair of hiking boots. This video last 5 minutes and 14 seconds.

Tips For Selecting The Right Hiking Boots

- Know Your Terrain. According to the video “How To Select Hiking Boots”, you must think about the type of terrain you will be hiking in before you buy your hiking boots. If most of your hiking involves even ground, lighter type of hiking boot might work best for you. If you will be climbing mountains or hills, you might want to opt for a boot that is better equipped for dealing with rougher terrain.

- Comfort Is Key. Whether you will be mountain climbing or cross country walking, it is of the utmost importance that you find a mountain boot that fits comfortably. Comfort is key when it comes to finding the perfect pair of hiking boots, and you must keep this in mind when searching for your perfect pair of hiking boots. No matter what type of boot you buy, you will not be able to enjoy your outdoor adventure if your feet hurt or are otherwise uncomfortable. Because of this, the video stresses the importance of buying comfortable hiking boots.

- Do I Need Waterproof Hiking Boots? Whether or not you should buy waterproof hiking boots depends on where you plan on doing most of your hiking. As Mark Fritz points out in the YouTube video “How To Select Hiking Boots”, if you live in Arizona and most of your hiking involves dry, desert like conditions, you really do not need waterproof boots. If you live somewhere in the Midwest and the ground is often moist or wet, you might be better off choosing waterproof hiking boots.

- High Cut Or Low Cut? There are many great hiking boots that are both high and low cut. How do you know which one is right for you, though? According to the video, this choice mostly depends on the type of terrain where most of your hiking will take place. If you will be hiking in an area with tall shrubbery or water, higher boots are best. If most of your hiking is done on maintained paths, lower hiking boots will work just fine.

- Best Places to Buy Hiking Boots? You can buy hiking boots in brick and mortar stores where you can try on different boots in order to find the type that fits your feet best. Once you pick out a brand and size of hiking boot, you can save money by purchasing your hiking boots on-line. On-line hiking boot sites provide excellent reviews and recommended sites to buy from.

After considering all of the important information provided in the YouTube video “How To Select Hiking Boots”, it should be a bit easier for you to choose the right pair of hiking boots to fit your specific needs. No matter which type of hiking boot you think would be best for your outdoor adventures, you can find just the hiking boots you are looking for. The outdoors are just waiting for you to come and enjoy them, and you can start by giving your feet the comfort of a great pair of hiking boots.

Plexus Slim – It’s not a fad!

Company Website –

Duration – 25 minutes

Year – 2013

The commercial was the typical weight loss infomercial with a few people who had good results testifying to just that. While it seems like most of these types of dieting commercials are filled with actors, you could feel that these people were somewhat genuine.

The company does not create the normal weight loss product, it was designed to help people who were struggling with diabetes. According to the commercial, the people who were taking Plexus Slim to help with their diabetes were also having some weight loss as a side effect.

The owner of the company decided to start testing the product for its dieting capabilities, focusing on the selling point that the product is all natural. It seemed like this was the unique selling proposition of the product. While there was a focus on the results that people were experiencing, you could also tell that the company was very proud of the fact that it was an all natural solution to dieting.

Something else that commercial focused on during its time slot was the unique marketing structure that is in place with the company. It is sold on what is called a pyramid structure. The company itself spends very little revenue on marketing. The bulk of the marketing is done by individuals who sell the product.

These different individuals are called ambassadors. If someone was wanting to buy some plexus slim online, they would have to do it through an ambassador’s website. The company itself does not sell the product directly.

So not only did the infomercial focus on the selling point that you could lose weight using the product, it also spent a lot of time exploring the different successes of individual ambassadors who sold the product.

It was different from many of the infomercials you would see on late at night about how you can lose weight. Plexus Slim allows for people to lose weight and make money while they are doing it.

There are some proprietary blends of different natural ingredients that allow the Plexus to help people drop some weight without putting the unnatural chemicals in their bodies. A doctor explained the different points associated with the ingredients during the commercial.

The company has a whole list of different products to choose from other than just the weight loss supplements. They also sell (through ambassadors) a multivitamin, pain relief capsules, body cream, a breast check kit, nerve health, and accelerator.

Weight loss products tend to have a bad reputation, especially when it is presented to people in a “too good to be true” context. This one promises to be extraordinary. According to the different people on the documentary, this was different than all of the products they had tried in the past.

There were varying levels of success, but none who had no change in their figure or overall energy level at all. The product is targeted to mothers who do not have time to go to the gym every day. It is supposed to be able to be used without any exercising or change in eating habits. It was recommended to drink more water to have better success.

The overall presentation of the product in the commercial was very professional and visually appealing. There were no shady marketing techniques used, and the people who used the product seemed to be genuine.

All Natural Pet Care Infomercial

Title: All Natural Pet Care
Company: Nature’s Treasure Chest Pet Care
Company Website: (now defunct)
Duration: 1: 30
Year: 1989

I was digging through some old VHS tapes the other day when I found an infomercial about pets having aromatherapy and special ‘beauty treatments.’ The product was a kit of “specially selected oils prefect for your dearly beloved animals”

I though to my self, “That is just so cool!” So I went out and told my friends about it, and they just laughed. Our pets are made just like us; flesh, bone, and hair – lots of it! If we wash our hair with Moroccan oil shampoo to repair and moisturize our hair, why not with their coats? If we keep our ‘inner balance’ with aromatherapy, why not them? Makes sense, right?

The infomercial said that 100% of pets subjected to regular aromatherapy are happier than others who did not. A marked improvement in their temperaments was noted, as well as more ‘happy go lucky’ behavior was seen on dogs that had gone through aromatherapy sessions. The use of essential oils had been a practice for centuries that help alleviate certain conditions and provide an alternative way to ‘be better’ without the use of modern synthetic medicines and stressful, expensive medical procedures.

Now, this was an infomercial from the 80′s, so of course you’re going to get the cheesy acting and over-the-top claims that go hand in hand with that period, but (despite what my friends said), I thought it was a great idea. I did a little research on the subject and discovered that Nature’s Treasure Chest Pet Care may well have been ahead of their time!

What would be better than to spend a Saturday afternoon at the spa and enjoy a great round of aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to achieve positive effects to the brain and body. Essential oils and aromatherapy is now being used in veterinary medicine as a means to help pets calm down and cope with stress that can cause aggressive behavior. The use of essential oils, when properly used can help us, as well as our pets.

The smell is like a touch of nature, an earthy smell that your pet would love! Known to ease deep seated anxieties, this can help your pet cope with depression.

The Best Craziest Idea, Ever!

Your pets are part of your family. Organically built like us; they also have the same needs as we do (although at varying levels). If we indulge ourselves with treatments, why can’t they? With proven solutions and concoctions of all-natural ingredients, they can get what we can get and benefit from it. With Moroccan shampoo and Vetiver essential oil to calm the nerves, who could ever lose?

Keeping up with the modern ways, as well as the traditional solutions can be really beneficial to your pet: keeping them stay beautifully cool and calm in the most natural way. It’ll surely make them stronger by helping them cope with the stress of everyday living. All this happiness will pass on to you. Now does this still sound crazy to you?

Plantar fasciitis exercises commercial review

Commercial: support the foot for plantar fasciitis
Year: 2013

In a 2013 commercial, Support the Foot was emphasizing the importance of plantar fasciitis exercises in an attempt to promote their products. The product they were promoting included an arc wrapping material that claimed to reduce the pain. It’s a great commercial that combined both awareness of plantar fasciitis and how their product can help with the condition.

Now, for those of you who don’t know what plantar fasciitis is all about, it is a health condition that affects 2 million Americans. In the developed world, at least 40% of the population is affected by plantar fasciitis, at least to an extent. It goes without saying that some of them do not realize what they are going through while others that recognize their health condition is not quite sure about the right measures to be taken. While there are quite a few products that will help you to improve plantar fasciitis while performing plantar fasciitis exercises, these products are usually unheard of by the general public.

The commercial supporting products has given many insights to plantar fasciitis condition.  Stress, changing lifestyle and wrong choices on footwear are the key reasons that result in plantar fasciitis so the first step towards a healthy feet is buying the right shoes or insoles to make sure that your feet is in the right position. Do not start any plantar fasciitis exercises before addressing your foot’s need for better support. A good insole or plantar fasciitis shoe can reduce the shock by at least 40%, according to a study by American Health Council.

If you do not have a good range of shoes for formal and recreational activities, perhaps this is the right time to invest in some that not only improves plantar fasciitis but your ability to perform exercises better and enjoy a better life. Researchers observed that buying the right shoes improves the health condition of most individuals by at least 30% in the first month. You will also enjoy better comfort from pain prevention. 

Plantar Fasciitis Exercises

Once you address the primary problem of plantar fasciitis – investing in the right footwear that is, you are ready to perform plantar fasciitis exercises that will improve your life.

Stretching – Stretching your feet is one of the most effected plantar fasciitis exercises out there. Spend at least 15 minutes, twice a day to stretch your feet up and down, and sideways. Use massaging oil if necessary. This will loosen the blood vessels and help you to reduce the pain dramatically. Your stretching should also include calves.

Strengthening – Strengthening exercises for foot and ankle will also help with plantar fasciitis. These exercises can be performed after stretching.

Massage – Use an ice bag and massage your feet with it. You can also use a massaging ball. This must be performed after the plantar fasciitis exercises.

These three exercises with the help of the right foot care products, including plantar fasciitis shoes and insoles, is the best way to prevent pain from plantar fasciitis and rescuing yourself from future complications that could get worsened if adequate precautions are not taken.

Taiwan Nutrition: My Last Scoop

Title of the commercial: My Last Scoop
Company website:
Duration: 30 seconds
Year: 2013


A Taiwanese young fit guy finds out that his bottle of BSN Syntha-6 only has one more scoop of protein powder before it runs out. Therefore, he starts a quest around the city trying to find a place for buying more protein. During his journey he finds out that due to his limited time, traffic jam, bad weather, and other external factors buying supplements sports at Taipei City is a headache. Before he quits and go back home, he takes his cellphone and do a quick search on Google for Fitness Stores and finds that he can buy everything online, save a lot of time, and even get free shipping.

Review and Personal Thoughts:

This advertisement was the first part of a four episodes Ads series. It was first launched during 2013 summer in Taipei, Taiwan through social networks platforms such as Yahoo and Facebook, and then it was featured on TV for a short time at the end of October of the same year. The advertisement male role was performed by Michael Lee, a young rising actor with a huge fan base in Taiwan. The combination of featuring a popular local actor and funny elements such as doing pull ups in the metro or renting a Ubike to move around taipei, helped the advertisement to get popular and receive many views among young adults.

Popular scenery spots featuring in the advertisement are: Taipei 101, Yang Ming Mountain, and Daan Park. These are definitely unique elements that gives a local taste to the ads. Due to the success of this first ads, the company worked on extending their original marketing plan and decided to create 3 more ads around the same topic – The Conveniences of Buying Supplement Sports Online.

The next 3 ads of the series features a young fit lady, a just married couple, and one basketball national team respectively. Although these 3 ads didn’t received the popularity of the first advertisement, the company still got many positive feedback and reported positive results on their marketing efforts. Featuring a national team definitely helped them to reach more audience and consolidate their image as a supplement store in Taiwan.

As for my final thoughts, I will give a rate of 8/10. I really liked their first commercial and I think it delivered its main message: Convenient, Fast delivery, and good prices. My only suggestion will be to not keep repeating the same message with every ads. Instead, try to focus more on the values and vision of the company. Long-lasting ads that really stick to the user’s mind are those that can crack a way to get into our feelings. So in this case doing 3 more ads with slightly changes and same message was for me a little bit too much. I already subscribed to their Newsletter and I will keep you guys updated with any news.

If you would like me to review any advertisement, commercial, etc. or have a project in mind but need some modern marketing ideas, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am willing to help and share.

Landlords Software Infomercial

Here we are looking at the new infomercial from Property Organisation Experts, for their version of a very popular landlord software designed to use computerised methods for paperwork.

Title of Infomercial: Get Your Landlord Life Organised

Company: Property Organisation Experts



Description: infomercial begins with a cartoon man running around the street of houses with pens in every pocket, a notebook in his hand and trailing pages of paper as he runs. These are collected by a cheeky bird which carries them off to nest with, leaving him without the information he needs. This leaves him tearing his hair out when he arrives at the property to organise work to be done, but can’t find his notes telling him what the job was.

The gist of it is advertising the company’s new range of Landlord Software, designed to help organise a landlord’s life. Like other similar products, this software comes in a range from free products, up to paid add-ons and can cover all aspects.

It can organise:

• Book-keeping, including rent collection/arrears,
• property maintenance and integrate costs with accounts,
• tenancy management tasks including keeping and issuing references

The infomercial gives an overview of all of these services, with actual footage of the software so the buyer can see what it entails.

A handy add-on provided via their website is a database for sourcing repossessed properties. This is maintained by POE and updated daily, with current known repossession properties on the market and details of how purchasing it being handled.

This is useful if a landlord is seeking to expand his portfolio with new properties at possibly discounted prices and saves the time of searching a variety of different websites to acquire this information.

The infomercial provides a little information about this database in a sensitive manner, aware that to be able to buy these properties, means someone may have lost their home. Therefore, there are no mentions of bargains, discount prices or such, only new venture opportunities, a small forethought which is admirable.

Their searchable database is either part of the monthly/annual subscription of upgrading the landlord’s software package or can be paid in a one off charge for a limited period of access (1 day, 1 week or 1 month is currently available).

This means if the landlord is doing a quick bit of research without needing to commit to a subscription package for his normal day to day running, a single day tariff can be paid to do this.


There are plenty of landlord’s organisational software available, but this one gives an added advantage with the searchable property database.

The infomercial itself is to the point, informative without ‘selling’ the idea too much, only providing the facts for the customer to decide themselves if this is suitable for them. The cartoon character is a fun way of showing the frustrations of disorganized paperwork while conveying the message in a simple and visual form without being condescending.

All in all, a to-the-point piece which gets the job done.

Chrysler Super Bowl Commercial 2014

Football VictoryTitle: “Bob Dylan in a Chrysler”

Company website:

Duration: One day (superbowl)

Year: 2014

The Super Bowl sets a high standard for commercials; obviously, it’s one of the most watched programs of the year. So having top-notch commercials are a must.

This year’s commercial from Chrysler was no exception. First, it included Bob Dylan, and who really doesn’t like Bob Dylan? Additionally, the cinematography is absolutely gorgeous.

This commercial is jam-packed with everything that American’s hold sacred: baseball, music, cars, hard work and… Marilyn Monroe.

The narration from Bob Dylan seems like the commercial might be anticlimactic, however, that’s really what makes the commercial so excellent. Dylan really sets the pace for the rest of the commercial. I mean, Bob Dylan’s peak was during the golden years of the American auto industry.

This is a big part of the campaign Chrysler has been doing the past few years to promote American made cars out of Detroit specifically. They emphasize several times in the commercial how you cannot outsource American pride and such. This is very conducive with the political climate here in America, and it’s a great way to “take advantage” of the push many people have to keep American jobs here in the United States.

This commercial seemed to have been especially designed to hit Americans right in the feels. There has been a ton of outsourcing in the American Auto industry and this has been a sore spot for Americans for years. This is an excellent way to market to the American people.

The song playing is a Dylan riff that is subtle, yet colorful. The photographs of workers, cars, celebrities, sports, etc. really accompany the tone handsomely. Additionally, they start the commercial all with footage of Bob Dylan playing a venue from the 1960′s, which sets off all the moving parts. The commercial ends with Bob Dylan playing pool in a pool hall with a bunch of people behind him. And he is talking at you. This really brings the commercial together at the end.

This is a longer commercial at about 2.5 minutes. Given that this was played at the Super Bowl, I am guessing this commercial cost quite a pretty penny. However, this was the perfect forum to play this sort of commercial. The Super Bowl is something that is quintessentially American. This is a commercial that is all about American spirit and workmanship.

I do not remember seeing this commercial at the Super Bowl, however, I am sure it was a big hit. I really enjoyed the commercial. In fact, I think it is one of the best ones I have ever seen. I really like the idea of focusing on the fact that Chrysler keeps at least some of its manufacturing right here in America.

Many other commercials might have great marketing campaigns, but there is always an underline tone that the cars they are trying to get us to buy are not made in America. This doesn’t quite site right with me and other Americans.

Overall, I think this Chrysler commercial is a win for the American automotive industry and for Americans in general.

Camo Wedding Ideas for Her

Camo Wedding Ideas for Her
site: 0:45 sec 2013
Description: This commercial was obviously created for the rural, southern belle in mind, featuring a very catchy slogan that is sure to captivate viewers(somewhat like the Kay Jeweler commercials). The commercial starts off with a synopsis of a leisurely walk through the country side. This really sets the mood for what is to follow. After about five seconds of third person scenes, the commercial cuts to a pair of adults embracing near a river bank. Quickly, we can discern that this is going to be a sentimental commercial.

The music was very light, but had an air of country to it, and finally it is revealed through on screen text the main concept of what the commercial was about, camo wedding ideas. The following 25 seconds or so, the couple can be seen smiling at each other, with quick 5 second flash backs to scenes of them from younger days, sporting camo dresses and tuxes, and singing songs. After each flashback, the narrative would always display a catch phrase. “Will You Remember These Days?”, “Reflect Yourself”, etc.

The final scene shows the couple in one last final embrace, with hands entwined. The couple are now sporting camo wedding rings, and the final catch phrase is then revealed. “Share Something that Will Last Forever”.

Overall, I give this commercial high marks all around. I am not in the slightest interested in camouflage, or weddings, however, this gave me a lasting impression and should definitely appeal to its target audience, women.

Music was also exceptional. There were no words spoken during this commercial, so the ambience and the sounds needed to be on point, to really drive home the sense of love, affection, and passion which was clearly the goal of the commercial. When it comes to invoking emotion, audio is actually much more important than visual stimulus, and the bluegrass undertones and soft melodies really put the viewer in the mood, before anything is even revealed.

Finally, the flash backs were a nice break from normal commercials, which feature live action or humor. I don’t think this is done enough, just take a look at luxury car commercials, and the focus is on revealing luxury, as opposed to invoking an emotional response. With each flashback, I began to put myself in the shoes of the couple, and began remembering my own wedding and being in love. It was truly inspiring.

Finally, tieing the products themselves into the main story line was also well executed. Formal camouflage is definitely not a main stream concept, yet the commercial nicely displayed why they should be, and why anybody who is interested in the idea should not be scared off with including camo into their wedding plans.

If there is one flaw with the commercial, it is that it doesn’t show the products enough. I see camo wedding rings, and camo dresses, but there simply is not enough to go on in order to really peek my interest in terms of variety. Perhaps the idea is for me to go and find the products on my own, but by showing more products, you would be increasing your target audience, if ever so slightly.