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Are you in for streaming the latest binge-worthy shows on Amazon Prime Canada? Finding a good series isn’t easy. Our editors have personally picked out these top shows in December 2019 to watch out for! Get ready for your list and start scheduling your much-awaited showtime!

John Wick 2

If you were able to watch John Wick 1, you will expect much that this 2nd installment will be as good as the 1st. Satisfy your suspense shows cravings because John Wick 2 is a darker delight than the original show. Expect more rounds of rage killing and fire shooting as the story unfolds into a mindblowing tapestry of skilled assassins.

Do not fret if you haven’t seen John Wick 1 as Chad Stahelski, John Wick 2’s director, did a good job in showing the entire 1st season plot at the beginning of the show. Get your heart pumping in suspense and excitement as you watch Keanu Reeves chase adversaries in the busy New York subway stations. Funnily, you’d get to notice how in the movie, New Yorkers pretty much ignore gunfire and ammunition around them if it means they have to arrive at work on time!

Late Night

You’re in for a good laugh with Late Night’s comedy attack at Hollywood’s slow response to the changing entertainment climate. Creatively written by Mindy Kaling and directed by Canadian-born Nisha Ganatra, Late Night subtly shows the pains that arrive with such a slow reaction to change by Hollywood.

Late Night pulls back the curtain to let us peek into behind the scenes of a Hollywood TV studio that is barely making its antics relevant.


We recommend you to watch Booksmart for a new experience at a raucous female-led comedy. Being typical just got out of high school story, the characters perfectly portrayed what it a wild night out looks like with funny gags thrown at every scene.

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