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Monthly, Netflix Canada releases fresh and new movies and TV shows to its collection. This December, we are excited to share with you our picks for the best movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix Canada. Spend your holidays binge-watching these shows with your loved ones!

Looking for a guaranteed blockbuster movie to enjoy in the comfort of your home? Netflix Canada has announced the streaming of 6 Underground on December 13! This movie is starred by Ryan Reynolds who is the leader of a squad wanting to stay off the grid by faking their own deaths. Such fake deaths free the squad from the hands of the law thereby giving them freedom also to chase and take down the world’s worst criminals! This suspense thriller action movie is directed by Michael Bay who also directed Bad Boys and Transformers.

Streaming exactly on Christmas day is this suspense thriller action film starring Ridley Scott and Christopher Plummer. All the Money in the World is a recounting of the true to the life story of J. Paul Getty and the kidnapping of his 16-year-old grandson. The story unfolds to a tragedy as when Getty refused to pay the ransom for his grandson’s life. Luckily, the boy’s mother did everything to save the child.

If you are in for a musical series, then Soundtrack is the best Netflix option for you this December! Streaming on December 18, this musical created by Joshua Safran shall surely captivate your hearts as it depicts a story of bringing together lonely hearts in Los Angeles. The musical cast includes Campbell Scott, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, and Madeleine Stove. This musical TV show is produced by Megan Ellison.

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